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  • see you later tłum. do zobaczenia później

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Akronim/skrót Wyjaśnienie skrótowca
wysiwyg what you see is what you get
2u2 to you too
4u for you
afayk as far as you know
aisi ah i see it
ayptf are you playing the fool?
bbl be back later
bcnu be seein' you
bowy be off with you
btu back to you
cbl come back later
cu see you
cul see you later
cunt see you next time
cwyl chat with you later
cya see you
duct did you see that?
dyhabf do you have a boyfriend?
dyhagf do you have a girlfriend?
emml e-mail me later
gfsy glad to see you
horu how old are you
ic i see
icn i see now
ikwym i know what you mean
ily i love you
iswym i see what you mean
itym i think you mean
iwalu i will always love you
iykwim if you know what i mean
l8r later
lay looking at you
ltns long time, no see
ly love you
lyl love you lots
oic oh i see
ru m/f are you male/female
sol sooner or later
sys see you soon
syt see you tonight
tbdl to be discussed later
ttys talk to you soon
ttyt talk to you tomorrow
ty thank you
tyvm thank you very much
u you
u2 you too
uok are you ok?
ur you are
wauf where are you from?
wdymbt what do you mean by that?
wty waving to you
yhbt you have been trolled
yhbm you have bin mail
yhm you have mail
ymbj you must be joking
cyt see you tomorrow
ruok are you ok?
b@u back at you
ttyl talk to you later
imu i miss you
wywh wish you were here
ynk you never know
ygtr you got that right
aymm are you my mother?