OAO znaczenie

  • over and out tłum. bez odbioru

Podobne akronimy i skróty do OAO znaczenie

Akronim/skrót Wyjaśnienie skrótowca
nasa national aeronautics and space administration
fomo fear of missing out
f&f, ff fire and forget
h&k, hak hug and kiss
lol laugh out loud
oo over and out
ootq out of the qestion
otl out to lunch
s&n smile and nod
sool still out of luck
oom out of mana
sogi ang. sexual orientation and gender identity
smacss scalable and modular architecture for cascading style sheets
ooto out of the office
aypi and your point is?
ifbb international federation of bodybuilding and fitness
orcid open researcher and contributor id
poms parent over my shoulder
bsaaw big smile and a wink
omdb over my dead body