TBH znaczenie

  • to be honest tłum. szczerze mówiąc

Podobne akronimy i skróty do TBH znaczenie

Akronim/skrót Wyjaśnienie skrótowca
2u2 to you too
bbiab be back in a bit
bbiaf be back in a few
bbl be back later
bbs be back soon
bcnu be seein' you
bgfete big grin from ear to ear
bicbw but i could be wrong
bimbw but i may be wrong
bowy be off with you
brb be right back
btu back to you
dwbh don't worry be happy
f2f, ftf face to face
fttt from time to time
gtg got to go
gfsy glad to see you
icbw i could be wrong
istm i seems to me
iwbni it would be nice if
ljbf let's just be friends
nmtbs nothing more to be said
ntk need to know
otl out to lunch
sete smiling ear to ear
tbdl to be discussed later
ttys talk to you soon
ttyt talk to you tomorrow
wbmbf wanna be may boy friend?
wbmgf wanna be may girl friend?
wrt with regard to
wttm without thinking to much
wty waving to you
ybs you'll be sorry
ymbj you must be joking
tbd to be decided
f2f face to face
2b||!2b to be or not to be
cbb can't be bothered
eta estimated time of arrival
tj. to jest
tzn. to znaczy
bbias be back in a sec
bbbg bye bye be good
ibrb i’ll be right back
ttyl talk to you later
tntl trying not to laugh
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